Who Is She?

Who Is She?
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If you follow us on the socials, you may have recently noticed someone under the Instagram handle @rougebald going ham on Dolls of Decadence- posting relentlessly and talking non stop about the label.

So- who is she?
She is model, blogger, accountant, content creator...and the new marketing analyst and financial director at Dolls of Decadence.
Commonly known as Moe; Zimbabwean born Mpho Makaya is by trade an Accountant- graduating in 2013 with a degree in Accounting and Business- although, she has always had a keen interest in fashion and garment manufacturing whilst growing up; with her introduction to garment production through the many sessions she sat watching her grandmother sew and creating clothes.
Her first direct fashion rendezvous saw her stepping out in front of the lens; modelling- which she initially started to help improve her overall appearance and self confidence. 
However, what started off as a hobby, soon found Mpho regularly working nationally as a freelance and agency signed model featuring in campaigns for international brands in beauty, commercial and editorial assignments; one of these brands being, of course -us! 

Her first encounter with the Dolls of Decadence was really a struck of luck and  what you could call destiny, because at 5'6"; she was initially overlooked by the creative director as being 'too short' by fashion standards. At a time- before this era of inclusive-ity and social acceptance had become a thing- where the shortest model on record was still Kate Moss who measures 5'7" in height.
Mpho's amazing potential, ridiculous work ethic and of course being of ethnic origin (a conscious and running theme to use models of colour,  that has been upheld throughout the life span of the company) lead to an on going relationship not only with the brand; where she was featured in a number of our campaigns - becoming our most featured ethnic model, but also with its founder, Paulinah. 
.Our 1st campaign with Moe Makaya in 2012
Although, Mpho went on to explore other avenues within the fashion realm; dabbling in styling, blogging, fashion show choreography, photography and even running her own on line womens fashion retail store. Throughout her fashion journey, she maintained an on going relationship with the Dolls of Decadence label and its founder provided support to her on many of her fashion ventures. Equating, to her wide understanding on the Dolls of Decadence - its story and its direction.

Mpho's history with the Dolls of Decadence company, her wealth of experience in various elements of the fashion business, combined with her undeniable passion, drive and determination for everything she puts her self into, made for a natural and inevitable candidate with the growth of the Dolls of Decadence brand.
We welcome you to the team and we are soooo excited to have you on board!

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