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Paulinah Nkechinyere - Founder/Creative director

Instagram @paulinah_es
a British Nigerian, based in the UK - is an internationally published stylist and the award winning designer behind the Dolls of Decadence line.
Paulinah first entered the creative industry as a performer at the age of 11, where a chance audition through her school drama group, saw her successfully secure a place at a top performance group. Whilst with the drama group, she enjoyed small roles in children’s programmes and theatre productions. 
This first encounter within the creative industry was inspirational to her move into the world of Fashion- as it was the colours, textures and fabrics of the costumes used in many of the shows she performed in, that first captured her attention.
At 6th form college, she studied an advanced GNVQ in Performing arts & the entertainment industry and A level Dance. Studying dance made Paulinah more aware of her natural flare for dance. So concentrating on dancing, she travelled around Europe fulfilling her desire to perform.
During this time, Paulinah was surrounded by a barrage of seamstresses who sold outfits to the dancers- none of which she bought without twisting the design totally to suit her personal style.
Soon, her creative ideas for outfits and her personal styles where noticed amongst her colleagues and she was soon giving style tips to her peers. This inspired her to take her design ideas to the next level and learn how to construct her designs.
She went on to complete a Higher National Diploma in Fashion Design & Textiles. Following a brief internship with London based luxury handbag company ‘Claudine‘, she launched her Dolls of Decadence brand in 2016.

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