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Sustainable Fashion - everyone else is constantly hearing these two words, right?! It can't just be us, because it's 'our' industry.

Good- so hopefully, you will also realize that those two words are a very now issue and a very important one.

Research shows that the Fashion industry- especially with the continuous growth of fast fashion- is amongst the top six most polluting industries worldwide. Who knew!

Well, as long as we can remember, being a small garment production/fashion company we have actually been aware of just how much waste is left from producing clothes. But now, even more so, along with waste, we're equally aware of how much other damage the fashion industry is causing to the environment. It is, therefore important for us at Dolls of Decadence, to ensure we do our best to reduce the impact of our own fashion footprint and help our customers to do so as well. In a bid to make at least a small crack in that massive fashion pollution iceberg.

As, a small fashion house; providing made to order products, it may be easier for us to be fashion conscious and make sustainable choices during our production process and using fashion as a cause for change is something really important to us, that we pride ourselves on.

With the uncertain economical times ahead, we have definitely felt the pressure to succumb to the monster that is fast fashion, and have in some way been forced to clamber aboard the cheaper fashion bandwagon with the launch of our more affordable CHEAP & CHIC line. However, we want to remind you that, this has not prevented us from maintaining the same high quality production of durable garments with this range. In doing so, we have managed to avert that direction of the relentless damaging process of low quality apparel.

By continually producing high quality durable pieces, we hope to help you make more environmentally friendly choices. But, if you're wandering, how you can be more sustainable in your own fashion choices, then read on....

1) Buy less clothes. This may sound obvious, but is probably the hardest to do- what with that unspoken social media rule that prevents you from being seen in your timeline pictures wearing the same outfit more than once. But, honestly, do really need all those clothes? Do you really have that many events to attend to? And if you do, how many people really care, if you've wore that dress before?

Ok, if the thought of rule number 1 fails to resonate with you, then try number 2

2) Buy better quality clothes. Apart from the fact that nothing looks more tacky that a cheap-looking dress that exposes all the parts you'd probably rather not expose, like cellulite- your clothes will actually last longer. Meaning you are less likely to need to replace them as often, in turn saving you money in the long run.

3) Invest in wardrobe staples. We consider wardrobe staples as classic silhouettes, that can be dressed up or down to work for every occasion. The idea of the wardrobe staple is the ethos our whole CHEAP & CHIC range was built on. For a classic wardrobe staple, think - EVA - with its simple yet sophisticated silhouette. It's fully lined for a forgiving finish and available in any fabric colour we can get our hands on. Now that's what we consider the ultimate wardrobe must have! Are we right or are we right?!

EVA maxi dress in nude

4) Buy separates. Similar to point number 3, buying separates allows you to mix and match your wardrobe to get the most out of your wears.


5) Recycle your old clothes. No matter how fabulously long lasting your clothes are. Of course, we will eventually just want a wardrobe spruce up with some new beautiful pieces and when that does happens, then think green. Fill a bin liner or your boot with all your unwanted clobber and donate it to a charity shop! Did you know, that the charitable organization, Oxfam accepts all types of unwanted clothes and fabric off cuts; with items that cannot be sold being shredded down and recycled to make new fabrics. Result! Find your nearest Oxfam 

6) Resell your wears. Most of us are doing this to some degree and if you are not then why on Earth not! Its a sure way to re-coup some of the money you've spent on a statement dress that is hot right now, but you won't be in a hurry to wear again any time soon.

We're sure you all can adopt at least one of more these points for a more sustainable fashion life.

In turn, we too will remain our own sewstainable mission - never mass producing; we will continue to provide a made to order service, where we only sell what you request. As well as, keeping production in house, so we are able to manage our fashion footprint.

Lets do this!


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