In a climate of constant casual racism ‘White girl’, an interim collection from Paulinah Eboh-Sampson for Dolls of Decadence makes a bold statement, merely using a ‘clever’ title and a solo black model.


With previous collections, under the brand exploring the direction of a narrative journey and depicting that journey through the selected fabrics and palette used, this collection presents a new narrative. Steeped with subliminal messages at a time where the political and economical climate is forcing anyone and everyone in some way or form to have or share an opinion.


Paulinah takes her brand on this unscheduled little detour, to use her creative platform to talk on one of these economical issues- calling out the fashion Industry, notoriously and unashamedly racist- by presenting one of her most commercial collections, for which she intentionally uses a black model; in a bid to silence the notion, still hugely prevalent in high fashion- “Black girls don’t sell”.



Through carefully selected silhouettes and a family of white hues; whites, creams and silver- the collection showcases a woman of colour replacing every idea that is more commonly sold to consumers by white models; including marriage and high class beau monde.

Model: Moe Makaya

Photographer: Stefano Brunesci

Makeup: Maria Clayton

Assistant: Danika Stephens









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