Rental ready one offs

Rental ready one offs
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Hey Dolls
Are you ready for our newest additions? We're so excited to announce, starting in April 2024,
Dolls of Decadence is introducing a lineup of services that will redefine your experience with fashion in relationship with our brand.
Think interactive, sustainable, and exclusively YOU.
This is not just about clothing; it's about creating a fashion journey that resonates with your unique style. Let's dive into the details of what will soon be coming your way!
1) Garment Rentals: Elevate your Wardrobe, Minimize your Footprint.
Imagine having access to an unlimited closet, always evolving, and budget friendly. Our
garment rental service answers to all of those desires. We are taking our inspiration from the
impressive 62% surge in the UK garment rental market in 2023. So, get ready to borrow exclusive occasional wear designed especially for dolls like you.
Using this service you will be able to rent and return on a short term basis. Eliminate all worries of twinning at events, we are here to ensure the spotlight is on you. Each style will be produced in limited sizing between UK 6 to 16, ensuring exclusivity and guaranteeing your dazzling fashion moment, and if you desire a certain color, just let us know --- we're here to make it happen.
2) One-of-One Pieces: Fashion as Unique as you are.
This service provides exclusive fashion pieces in scarce quantities. Our One-of-One service brings you unique one off ready-to-wear pieces available in standard UK sizing (UK 4-16).
What makes them stand out? No two pieces will be identical!
Meaning captivating designs crafted with limited fabrics; a true celebration for your
individual style. In addition to this, you have the freedom to make some limited alterations to items within this range, including but not limited to takes in and or shortening; adding your personal touch to each piece.
Get ready for a wardrobe transformation that not only keeps your style on top, but also is a sustainable alternative that is uniquely tailored to YOU.
Mark your Calendars for April 2024
These amazing services will be available to you before you know it. 
Fashion is an adventure, and at Dolls of Decadence, will always be willing to take you with us on ours!

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